A local car wash company which has been in business since 1951 recently expanded their operations with a new location in a growing area of Baton Rouge. For this new facility, the owner sought to develop a new prototype with a fresh, revived aesthetic. In this new design, the neutral material palette of brick, galvanized steel, white polycarbonate, and grey metal panels are contrasted in spots by the vibrant accent color of their new branding elements/signage. The canopies around the site are minimal skeletal structures of exposed galvanized steel, and signage was integrated into structures to reduce visual clutter and facilitate way-finding. The main carwash building is clad with rugged, regional brick, with accents of a neutral gray corrugated metal. The ‘attic’ atop the wash tunnel is clad in white polycarbonate panels. At night, these panels are backlit to provide a subtle/soft glow.