This project designed by new member to the Chenevert Architects family Kirk Copeland (KCA) required a renovation and addition to an existing 872 square foot wood framed house on a 36’ wide by 284’ long site in the City of Fairfax, Virginia. The existing structure rests 9” over the property line in one portion, and had been granted a non-conforming use variance which required that the walls of the existing house could not be completely removed. Instead the walls were replaced stud by stud during the construction of a 2,150 s.f. footprint, five split level addition including master suite with walkout deck, three bedrooms, den, garage, kitchen, dining, and 670 s.f. family room with dropped guitar curve ceiling accented by multi-color remote controlled LED cove lighting and recessed chandelier domes. The upstairs bedrooms feature vaulted ceilings and LED downlights and expansive walk-in closets, one of which was converted to an office space. Stormwater management strategies included built-in planters placed on the building elevations so that roof gutter runoff is retained on the property for a minimum of 20 minutes before being released in the city storm drain system.